Yarn Blooming

Vision-Board---Tina-center-hiliteChirped by Tina

“Share Your Gifts” and Create  These two inspirations, nestled in the center of my 2018 vision board, are perfectly embodied by volunteering for a yarn bomb!  Don’t worry, I didn’t know what a yarn bomb was either until a couple of months ago, but the nearby town of Perkasie is assembling an Earth Day “Yarn Bloom” (doesn’t have the negative connotations of a “bomb”) to temporarily adorn one of their parks. They’re wrapping trees, poles, benches, fences, etc. in yarn creations to be on display for a month. It will make for a colorful backdrop for their Earth Day celebration activities on April 21, as well as a teaser for a flowery mural going in behind the borough hall later this year (Ten Thousand Flowers – Perkasie). The call went out in January for local crafters to join forces to make it all happen, and since then community craft sessions and smaller team meetings have been springing up all over the area, especially at my house! Most of the materials are donated from private stashes, including unfinished yarn projects, leftover yarn balls, knitted and crocheted blankets, hats, scarves and gloves. They’re also collecting soda can ring pulls and metal bottle caps, old keys, beads, bangles and coffee cans for a station where kids can make musical instruments (like the one below, photo credit to MudHutMama.com, but my security software doesn’t like it, so I won’t link you directly!) from junk drawer items.  Think community-building, crafting, and upcycling all rolled into one colorful ball – also known as my dream project! We’re having so much fun with this!

With our deadline fast approaching, my team of about nine women (plus some occasionally willing teenage boys and even one full grown man!) cranked our creativity up to eleven,  making macramé’d, finger-knit and French knit garlands, pom pom flowers and animals, t-shirt yarn roses, and all kinds of crocheted novelties to cover one tree, one giant flower sculpture, and six pavilion posts.  We’ve made some new friends and learned some new skills – both of which are great for an empty nester’s brain and morale! (-;

Our tree and giant flower assignments already had themes paired with them, but we had all the artistic license we could want for the pavilion posts. I started sketching out some ideas on a tablet to get the ball rolling, and the designs evolved from there. As the team’s ideas rolled in, I updated the sketches and graphed them out. Cass and I mentioned in our Cheep Trills post for March the life-sized mock-up I constructed out of cardboard. My sister thinks I’m a little obsessed, but it’s nice to have my pet post around for perspective and sizing purposes! Below is an early mock-up of the “Rainbow Post”.

Admittedly, some of our spouses don’t get it. Mine is happy for me that I’m enjoying the process so much, but would understand it more if we could monetize it – maybe turn it into a fundraiser for something. I talked to the organizer about the possibility of making it a contest, where the Earth Day visitors could buy tickets to vote for their favorites, with all proceeds going to a local shelter or food pantry. Unfortunately that idea came  too late, at least for this year’s Bloom, since a lot of volunteers had already put in a lot of time and energy without being forewarned that it was a competition! Maybe if we do it again…? There will be donation jars for folks to contribute to the Perkasie Beautification Fund.

Another husband wondered why we would “clutter” a perfectly nice park with “crap”? Ouch! It’s an ART FORM, dude! It’s going to be colorful and fun! And it’s only temporary – it won’t hurt the trees and it will lure folks outside to come see it. Once there, they’ll learn some earth-friendly upcycling and craft skills at stations around the park, help decorate some of the fence sections, bring their electronics recyclables and unwanted clothes to collection centers, and participate in all kinds of other great Earth Day activities. At the end of May, much of the Bloom will either be relocated or re-purposed as cat and dog mats for animal shelters, while some displays that aren’t on the trees may remain up longer, depending on how they’re holding up to the elements. Crafting for the community and for fun could never be “crap”! *Sigh* – these engineering types…  c(-;

Anyway, I’ll post some pics of the final installations after this weekend, so you can all be the judge. If you’re local, come out to the Bloom at Menlo Park, 425 Arthur Avenue, Perkasie PA from 12-4pm! If you’re not, enjoy the photos and maybe you can inspire your community to bloom, too!

Happy Crafting!




March’s Cheep Trills

Chirped by Cass and Tina

A new list of highlights from our month – things we’re happy about and/or would recommend!


  • Two Book Clubs, two books! A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley, is the memoir that the movie Lion was based on –  the amazing story of a 5 year old boy who gets irretrievably lost in Calcutta, ends up being adopted by a family in Australia, and eventually finds his way back home to rural India as an adult using Google Earth!

The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown, is another true story, about how an unlikely  group of gritty Continue reading

The Feather Hoarder

Chirped by Cass (with chirpettes by Tina)

We all have somewhere in our home, a place that becomes a dumping ground of stuff.  Items that we don’t have time to put away properly, don’t have room to put them where they belong, or simply don’t have a place for at all.  A space where you put things when you’re cleaning up to have a party, or when you’re rearranging your piles and don’t know where to store them. If you’re lucky (and more organized) maybe it’s just a drawer Continue reading

Book Club in a Basket

Chirped by Cass and Tina


A book club is a great way to meet new people, share book discussions and experiences with a group of friends, and get you out of your overly quiet nest. Cass started her own book club in 2005, Tina has been in three different book clubs since 2001, for a while all at once! Our mutual book club participates in a fundraiser for childhood cancer. For one of their benefit events last spring, we put together a how-to “Book Club in a Basket” as a raffle prize. Maybe this post will inspire you to start up your own book club, give you some ideas for putting together your own great raffle basket for a cause you and your friends support, or add a little extra spice to your existing club’s next gathering!

Book Club in a Basket – A Starter Kit for Beginners 

So you want to start a book club? It doesn’t take much! Just a good book, a few friends who like to read, and your calendars. Next pick a venue, add some refreshments (or even some book-related props?), and you’ve got the makings Continue reading

Sharing Your Gifts

 Chirped by Tina


Free-TimeAh, free time… It can be a blessing – or a curse. That dreaded weekly meeting that got cancelled on an already over-scheduled day? Woohoo! Jackpot! But that hour frittered away perusing clickbait about Spite Houses and 50 Things to Throw Away Right Now? Mostly guilt and self-loathing because you should have been working on your blog post – er, wait, maybe that’s just me… The point is, if you find yourself with more free time than you actually feel good about, no matter what life or schedule change it might have hatched from, find something useful and satisfying to do with it. That can make all the difference in how you feel about Continue reading

February’s Cheep Trills

Chirped by Tina and Cass

Just thought we’d share some highlights from our month – things we’re happy about and/or would recommend!

  • Two Flew Over the Empty Nest blog finally launched! (After twittering and planning  for over a year…)Two-Flew-Home-Page-Fade


  • Love-and-OtherBoth our book clubs discussed the novel Love and Other Consolation Prizes, by Jamie Ford. Great read, good discussion, based loosely on the historical fact that an orphaned baby boy was raffled off at the 1909 Seattle World’s Fair.

Continue reading

Hosting a Vision Board Party

13 Inspiration Board


Chirped by Cass

While putting together my own vision board, I decided it would be fun to do it as a group activity with some friends.

For an explanation of how to create the vision board itself, click on this link!  Creating a Vision Board 


The Invitation – I sent out the invitation several weeks in advance, to give my guests Continue reading

Creating a Vision Board


Chirped by Cass


It’s early yet in 2018, and still a good time to set your intentions for the rest of the year.  I wanted to do something new with my annual resolutions.  Come January, I always list my goals for the year in my journal, close the book and put it away in my drawer.  Next January rolls around and out comes the journal: I look at what I wrote down the previous year, see if anything got done or changed, and then create my list again for the new year.

But what did I really accomplish with my list?  Who knows…it was stuck in my drawer.  Did I pull it out during the year and see if I was on track with any of my goals?  No!  So this year, I decided I needed to change the routine and create something different.  I am Continue reading

First Chirp!

Well, here it is, the first real post of our new blog, Two Flew Over the Empty Nest. (A post much anticipated by as many as four possibly over-eager followers! ) We’re Cass and Tina, two mama birds in search of great new projects to line our nests with now that our chicks have flown the coop. We figure it might be fun to share our discoveries with all the other birds out there – and maybe get some leads back if we’re lucky! We hope you’ll bear with us as we figure out this whole blogging and webpage navigation thing. It’s new territory for us, so we’re just going to poke around until we eventually get the bugs out… c(-;  Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Chirping!

Tina & Cass

First chirp?

Well if we were ready to do our first post, this is where it would go. But we didn’t mean to go “live” just yet, and are still figuring this all out, obviously. So… enjoy this lovely sunset that WordPress provides!