Cleaning out My Parents’ Nest

Chirped by Cass


Stuff, stuff and more stuff!

The last few months, my weekends and some weekdays have been at my parents’ home, not only working on the business side of my dad’s estate, but also going through my parents’ stuff, cleaning it out.  They lived there for 45 years, raised three kids there, and you can imagine the 45 years of everything that goes along with that. Not only has it been my dad’s belongings, but my mom’s as well, since he really didn’t get rid of any of her stuff, except her clothes, since she passed five years ago.

It’s a task, of course, figuring out what to do with everything…donate it, yard sale it, keep it, etc.  And it’s so time consuming. Some people hire an estate auctioneer to come in Continue reading

A FISH on the Fence


Pennridge FISH’s Earth Day Activity

Chirped by Tina

Much of the local Yarn Bloom has now been taken down, but only last week we finished a related project that continues to decorate the chain-link fence around the Menlo Park pool and aquatics center. One of the Earth Day activities in the park was an open invitation to the public to help fill in the outline of a fish as a way of bringing in donations to the local food pantry Pennridge FISH (Fellowship in Serving Humanity). In return for a canned good (or three!), Earth Day attendees could help the FISH volunteers tie strands of upcycled t-shirt yarn to the fence to bring their colorful mascot to life. It was a very easy, no-special-skills-required Continue reading