Our Broods

Who are Cass and Tina and what’s up with our nests?

Cass & JasperTeen & Milo

  • Cass is a busy interior designer with organizational skills to die for, the penmanship of a draftsman, and a creative streak bursting from her forehead and rushing in swirls and eddies down to her painted toenails.
  • Tina is a former graphic designer turned stay-at-home mom in desperate need of some deadlines and structure in her life. And no, her graphic experience did not include web design, so pardon our dust as we figure this blog thing out. She’s also a “high-functioning hoarder” who really gets her jollies crafting – when she can clear a space on the table…
  • We both have busy husbands and two boys who have recently flown the coop
  • We’ve worked well together as volunteers for our boys’ high school activities
  • We’re creative and crafty and eager to share our talents and skills
  • We’re figuring out what to do with some of our new-found freedom, so decided to document it together!

If you like all manner of crafts, reading, scrapbooking, travel, volunteering, redecorating, and/or have adorable dogs like we do – even if your nest is still hopping with chicks or never had them to begin with, drop by anytime to see what we’re up to!