Hosting a Vision Board Party

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Chirped by Cass

While putting together my own vision board, I decided it would be fun to do it as a group activity with some friends.

For an explanation of how to create the vision board itself, click on this link!  Creating a Vision Board 


The Invitation – I sent out the invitation several weeks in advance, to give my guests time to compile their inspirations. My emailed invitation went a little like this….


Setting Up for the Party – I set up a work space with some extra task lighting and basic supplies at each table (pencils, scissors and glue sticks). Then I set up some stations:

  • a table of magazines to look through and a Cricut machine to cut out shapes, letters, numbers (like the year), etc.
  • a Cutting Station with mats, rulers and paper cutters
  • an area with markers, special scissors, stencils and an inspiration board
  • a table of stickers, embellishments, quote note cards, colored paper and washi tape (think scrapbooking supplies!)

The Party Itself – After a little social time with food and drinks, everyone sat down and started putting together their boards…

It was a creative night full of conversation, cutting and pasting our visions for the year. Everyone’s vision board was different, not only in content but in appearance.

Sharing – At the end of the night, we went around admiring each other’s handiwork, and each guest described some highlights from their board.

Happy Visioning! – Cass

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