New Year – New Vision Board

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January is the beginning of a new year – time to make new resolutions and reflect on last year’s Vision Board. Obviously a lot of “life” happens and some goals are achieved, some get waylaid, some are forgotten and some goals (due to circumstance) can totally change in a year.

13 Inspiration BoardWhat is a Vision Board? I am such a visual person, I really need a way to put my goals on display…somewhere I can view them every day – a collection of my ideas and inspirations. Last year I was intrigued by a post I saw on Pinterest about making a vision board, and decided to give it a try. I invited a bunch of friends to join me for a Vision Board Party, and we all started gathering photos, images from magazines and greeting cards, quotes from the internet… basically things we loved looking at and items that related to our goals for the coming year. The night of the event, I provided assorted-sized poster boards and loads of scrapbooking supplies we could use to further embellish our boards, and we got to work with a little wine, snacks and animated conversation. I arranged my collection on a board sized to fit an antique frame I found in a thrift store, and hung it in my office for year-round motivation. 

07-DisplayNow I’m looking back at my 2018 Vision Board and thinking about this year’s… What goals were accomplished, which ones are still in progress or are ongoing, which ones would I change, and which new visions will be going on my board? The vision board definitely kept my goals front and center this past year. It was the visual reminder above my drafting table that helped me when I was losing focus or needed a boost in getting things done.

Everyone’s vision boards from the party last year were different, just as everyone’s resolutions and how (and whether) they accomplished them also varied. What would you put on your own vision board? If you made one last year, how would you change it to make your goals more attainable this year?

Some of my visions were very general and some were very specific.  The ones that had a specific task, such as “Scrapbook Arizona 2017” got completed, but others like “Start taking better photos,” I feel like I didn’t even scratch the surface.  Is it because the vision was too broad for me and thus unattainable?  Should I get more specific in my goals, like attending a camera class, or setting out to take weekly photo shoots? These are all things I’m thinking about before I start my new vision board for 2019.

Other than changing the year on my board and taking off the tasks I have completed, my other pictures/goals are remaining pretty much the same. However, I am adding more specific mini goals to the broader ones I have, so they can be more achievable

I am hosting another vision board party this year.  I can’t wait to see all the different boards that will be created. How do you list or display your resolutions for the year?  Maybe a vision board would work great for you…

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