Packing for a Scrapbooking Weekend

Chirped by Cass (& Tina)


Tina and I are both avid scrapbookers.  I’m a classic paper, stickers and photo album scrapper while Tina has moved into digital albums. If you’ve been living under a rock for some time you might not have realized that scrapbooking “retreats” are a thing. (-; Groups can rent out locations – might be a private rental home, hotel conference room, convention center, or even cruise ship event room, and get together for an extended period of time devoted entirely to catching up on their photo albums! The locations usually provide cropping tables to Continue reading

New Year – New Vision Board

Chirped by Cass

January is the beginning of a new year – time to make new resolutions and reflect on last year’s Vision Board. Obviously a lot of “life” happens and some goals are achieved, some get waylaid, some are forgotten and some goals (due to circumstance) can totally change in a year.

13 Inspiration BoardWhat is a Vision Board? I am such a visual person, I really need a way to put my goals on display…somewhere I can view them every day – a collection of my ideas and inspirations. Last year I was intrigued by a post I saw on Pinterest about making a vision board, and decided to give it a try. Continue reading

Upcycled Wall Hangings: Crafting with Castoffs

Chirped by Tina

Happy New Year! With our nests a little fuller over the holidays, Cass and I took a break from posting to allow ourselves to be in the moment and enjoy time with our broods. But now we’re back, with a whole backlog of ideas to chirp about!


Nursery wall hanging, upcycled from components of the Yarn Bloom last spring!

Those of you who followed our posts about the Yarn Bloom last Earth Day may have wondered what happened to all those lovely crocheted flowers, creatures, and blankets after the Bloom was over. Continue reading