Serene Summer Walks

Chirped by Cass and Tina

The past few months have been busy, with our fledglings sent home or visiting over the summer. Our Empty Nester lives have been all aflutter with family activities. Routines certainly change when all the chicks are home! One thing that remained consistent during these crazy times was our commitment to our serene summer walks.

I like to walk very early in the morning, when it is still cool and peaceful. There is a convenient walking path right near my home. Besides getting my steps and exercising the dogs, walking gives me time to think about the day ahead, and put worries or deadlines into perspective. I often think about loved ones who are still with us and those who have passed, and relive fond memories along the way.

Serene Summer WalksTina has a quiet residential loop by her home and a wooded path connecting to a neighboring community. Her walks happen later in the day, often when her husband (now working remotely) has a break in his meetings. For her, walks are a chance to connect with her husband, stay active – and make the blog dog ecstatically happy.

Though the purpose, place, and timing may be different, we both get a lot of pleasure from the serenity of our daily walks. Here are a few highlights from recent months…

Sunrises and Sunsets

Serene Summer WalksI love the way the morning sun comes up over the trees and makes the fields sparkle with shimmers of dew on the leaves and spider webs. Tina is drawn to the golden glow that lights everything up just before sunset.

Wildflower Wonders

Wildflower WondersWhile stretches of our paths seem awash with weeds, a transformation occurs as the summer marches on. Unexpected pops of color and texture all get their time in the sun. These little surprises brighten our days…

Glorious Gardens

Nature isn’t the only impressive gardener around. My path runs by one home in particular whose yard is a continual marvel to me. The time and energy they put into their gardens make for a very plentiful harvest and a beautiful space. I always wish my own vegetable patch would look that way.

Friends Along the Way

Sometimes we get lucky and encounter a few friends on our walks. They watch from the fields, peek out from the bushes, or just carry on about their business. Good thing our dogs are always on a leash!

Obstacle courses

Flora and FaunaOn certain mornings there is a section of my route that becomes the “Game of Frogger,” as I try to steer clear of dozens of leopard slugs making their way across the path. Similarly, after a good rain, Tina’s trail through the woods sprouts an amazing variety of delicate mushrooms. Her mom has a fondness for woodland fungi, so she tries to capture them in photos before the blog dog tramples them.

Serene Summer WalksSurprise Sightings

A few times during the summer I was fortunate enough to watch a hot air balloon float by on a sunrise tour. So serene and peaceful… its occupants getting a bird’s eye view completely distinct from my own perspective. I wonder what features of the landscape catch their eye?

Walking Companions

Tired Pups

Our walks would not be complete without our furry beasts by our sides. There are certain areas they always need to wander off to inspect, mark, and take a sniff or two. They enjoy greeting or growling at other pedestrians and pooches that we happen upon in our travels. Every outing is a source of fascinating new adventures! They are our personal trainers and our inspiration – for exercise, attentiveness, and knowing when to take a break…

Now that fall is upon us, the daylight hours are getting shorter and colder. Our walking schedules are adapting accordingly. The scenery changes with the season as well. Pennsylvania foliage adds its own vibrant pallet of colors. Do you often take walks? We hope that you, too, are taking time to appreciate all the little moments that make each one special.

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Serene Summer Walks

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