Vision Board Party 2019

Chirped by Cass

I just hosted my second annual Vision Board Party.  I had some guests that came last year and some who were new to the whole vision board thing.  The pictures below just give you a glimpse of what everyone created. Continue reading

New Year – New Vision Board

Chirped by Cass

January is the beginning of a new year – time to make new resolutions and reflect on last year’s Vision Board. Obviously a lot of “life” happens and some goals are achieved, some get waylaid, some are forgotten and some goals (due to circumstance) can totally change in a year.

13 Inspiration BoardWhat is a Vision Board? I am such a visual person, I really need a way to put my goals on display…somewhere I can view them every day – a collection of my ideas and inspirations. Last year I was intrigued by a post I saw on Pinterest about making a vision board, and decided to give it a try. Continue reading

Hosting a Vision Board Party

13 Inspiration Board


Chirped by Cass

While putting together my own vision board, I decided it would be fun to do it as a group activity with some friends.

For an explanation of how to create the vision board itself, click on this link!  Creating a Vision Board 


The Invitation – I sent out the invitation several weeks in advance, to give my guests Continue reading

Creating a Vision Board


Chirped by Cass


It’s early yet in 2018, and still a good time to set your intentions for the rest of the year.  I wanted to do something new with my annual resolutions.  Come January, I always list my goals for the year in my journal, close the book and put it away in my drawer.  Next January rolls around and out comes the journal: I look at what I wrote down the previous year, see if anything got done or changed, and then create my list again for the new year.

But what did I really accomplish with my list?  Who knows…it was stuck in my drawer.  Did I pull it out during the year and see if I was on track with any of my goals?  No!  So this year, I decided I needed to change the routine and create something different.  I am Continue reading